Saturday, May 9, 2009

Recycle Light Bulbs!!!

A simple household light bulb can be deceptively difficult to recycle. Some light bulbs feature filaments and other parts made of mercury, contributing to the inclusion of toxins in the environment. You should collect all of your light bulbs and recycle them.

Step 1
Create a storage bin for them out of box.

Step 2
Work with your neighbors, businessess, and schools to develop a recycling program for light bulbs. You can distribute a notice to everyone in your neighborhood about drop-off times at your home. You can also choose to recycle other items for your community, maximizing your efforts.

Step 3
Use online-recycling programs to deal with a growing number of dead light bulbs in your home. Websites like ship out postage-paid packages as well as information on shipping multiple bulbs.

Step 4
Skip the problem of recycling light bulbs with energy-efficient lighting. Major retailers sell light bulbs that can last several years to cut down on the number of bulbs you need to recycle.

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