Sunday, June 14, 2009

Help Protect the Oceans!!!

All life on earth depends on the oceans. Did you know oceans regulate the climate, generate oxygen, provide a livelihood for hundreds of millions of people, and are home to the biggest animal that ever lived? Yet they are threatened by climate change, pollution, unsustainable fishing practices, and more.

  • Reduce the amount of trash you produce and plastic you use, and recycle as much as you can. According to the United National Environment Programme, "Marine litter (or debris) is one of the most pervasive and potentially solvable pollution problems plaguing the world’s ocean and waterways."

  • Shrink your carbon footprint. Change some habits at home, school, work, on the road, and in the air to reduce your use of fossil fuels.

  • Eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers on your lawns and gardens, and choose organic food. Harmful chemicals that go into the soil eventually end up in the ocean.

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