Sunday, June 7, 2009

Recycle Your Shoes!!!

If you have shoes that you just do not like or no longer fit you, think about recycling them. There are many different ways to recycle your shoes depending on the condition. Below you will find a list of different ways to recycle your shoes old or new!!!

1. Freecycle: Freecycle is a great local organization where neighbors share discards and items they no longer need. Visit the freecycle website for more details.

2. Donate to a homeless shelter: Granted, it might not be practical to donate your red, rhinestone-encrusted strappy sandals, but there are people who will appreciate receiving your old sneaker or hiking boots.

3. Nike’s Reuse a Shoe program - Nike has a program where old athletic shoes are recycled to make playground material and sports services.

4. Shoes in pristine condition can be sold at consignment stores.

5. Older shoes can be donated to thrift shops. Most thrift shops donate proceeds to charity.

6. Have a shoe swap with friends.

7. Check your local recycle center. They may have a shoe recycling program.

8. Donate your shoes to Eco Cycle - A recycling program where your shoes will be given to someone who needs them.

9. Donate your old Kenneth Cole shoes and receive 20% off on a new pair.

10. Contact Souls 4 Souls to see how to recycle or donate your used shoes.

Visit Recycled Runners to learn about different shoe recycling programs around

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