Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Green Effect!!!

We had entered a contest from National Georgraphic and Sun Chips, we had hoped to let our supporters know our idea had been chosen. Even though our idea did not fall in the top 1o it does not mean we have to forget about it. Our idea will work in so many communities and we challenge you to carry our idea forwards, we are not giving up!!! We are posting our idea below, we also ask that you visit the National Geographic Site and review the winning ideas and vote for your favorite.

Earth-Kidz -Easy Recycling Idea:

Our idea is to bring recycling a step further and make it as simple as possible. There are so many items they do get recycled propery. Many people do not realize there are different ways to recycle. Batteries, light bulbs, electronics, and paint cans are just a few. Our idea is to have a facility for our town members, businesses, families, schools, etc to be able to bring these items to. A list of items and pick up dates will be distributed to the community, certain collection bins can be placed in stores and other locations, such as schools. For example we can have a battery box located next to the plastic bag recycling bin at the grocery store.

This is a small step that could be huge on many levels. The community will have an easier way to recycle more objects. Other towns will learn from our trial and error and take on the project. The impact will bring the community together and bring in new ways to recycle on a regular basis. It will help the environment by disposing of items properly, and lower a towns carbon footprint to name just a few. The prize funds would have been used to set up a location for drop off, spread the word and make the necessary drops to the proper areas. The funds would have also allowed the placement of colletions bins in specific locations for simplier drop off. Some items can only be dropped at the drop location for safety reasons, such as lightbulbs or paint. Saving the world one town at a time!

Go to and vote for your favorite idea, please remember to keep or idea alive and discuss it with your parents, schools, community leaders, churches, etc.

Thank you


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