Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why We Need Alternative Energy Sources!!!

As the July comes to a close so does our discussion on energy...

There is a need for alternative energy sources, hence the development of renewable energy is moving fast. Nationally and internationally various individuals and research companies are creating new and exciting forms of energy. Why do we need to make greater use of these energy sources?

The first problem is that the fossil fuels are depleting in a rapid rate and are harder to retrieve. The consequence is that we can be facing an energy crisis in the future is we are not careful today. The energy prices will sky rocket and not be available for many individuals or countries. The second problem is that the fossil fuels that are widely used today are harmful for the environment.

The solution for the above problems can be resolved by renewable energy. Our beautiful planet gives us the opportunity to make proper us of sunlight, flowing water, strong winds, and hot springs and convert these into energy. These energy sources are abundant and free to use. We must be sure that we convert the energy the right way, without causing other problems that can again hurt our environment. Luckily the many efforts by individuals and companies show that this can be done.

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