Thursday, August 13, 2009


There are many types of eco-friendly crayons that can used instead of crayons made from petroleum, crayons made from petroleum take vast amounts of resources to produce, and take many, many years to biodegrade. All things that have a negative impact on our environment. According to, if all the regular size Crayola Crayons made in one year were laid end to end they would circle the earth six times!

Buy Crayons................

Made without petroleum such as the soy-based Crayon Rocks or Stockmar Beeswax Crayons.

Make the crayons you have last longer by melting them down.

Bring your own crayons to restaurant's for your children to use.

Donate your used crayons to daycares, schools, church groups, doctor offices, police stations, or other places where children color.

Other types of Eco Crayons.......

Crayon rocks – beautiful and fun ‘rocks’ made in America from natural soy wax, using American-grown soy beans. Non-toxic and perfect for kids everywhere and have been especially designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles, which prepares fingers and hands for handwriting. In fact, occupational therapists use these to help folks develop fine motor skills. These are available in various set sizes too.

Stockmar Block Crayons......
Tin – non-toxic and made with beeswax plus fat and chunky –great for little hands. There’s also an amazing Stockmar 24 Deluxe Crayon Set available in a nice wooden box.

Basic soy crayons – are smoother and brighter than icky old petroleum-based crayons, plus flake less than ordinary wax crayons.

Recolored Crayons for Halloween....

These sell out each and every year folks, so I’d order now. These cool crayons are remade into fun shapes from old bits of non-toxic crayons. A GREAT Halloween bag stuffer.

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