Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lunch!!!

From brown-paper lunch bags to plastic wraps and baggies to the unnecessary packaging of single-serving foods, our addiction to fast and "convenient" lunch products adds billions of tons of trash to landfills each year, not to mention the enormous waste of money and natural resources required to produce and dispose of packaging. (EPA and U.S. Census data)

Here are a few tips to make your lunch eco-friendly....

Do pack:

•Reusable fabric lunch bags or lunch containers

•Sandwiches in reusable wraps, bags or containers

•Drinks and soups in reusable containers, such as a thermos, or recyclable containers.

•Snacks in reusable containers or bags

•Cloth napkins

•Reusable utensils

Don't pack:

•Paper lunch bags

•Plastic baggies that are not reusable

•Disposable forks and spoons

•Disposable straws

•Paper napkins

Remember it is not necessary to make a big leap everything we do helps the environment....

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