Monday, August 24, 2009

Tips to Make Your School Eco Friendly!!!

In the Cafeteria:

Healthy lunches build healthy minds.Encourage your school to buy from local, organic farmers. Urge your school to switch to reusable trays, flatware and recycled paper napkins.

On the School Grounds:

Create a learning garden at your school so that kids can see firsthand where healthy food comes from.
It doesn't have to be big - a small area will do - and kids can be involved in planting, harvesting and eating the produce. Encourage teachers to plan lessons around it.

Organize a composting committee.
This will help your school reduce its waste and provide fertilizer for the learning gardens at the same time.

Start a campaign for clean water.
Urge your school to put water filters on every drinking fountain to cut the risk of exposure to lead, arsenic and bacteria often found in water supplies.

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