Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Quick Kid Friendly Crafts from KiWi Magazine

Ghost Windsock


Cylinder Shaped Cardboard Container (ex. oatmeal container), White Construction Paper, Tape, White Gallon Trash Bag, Black Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors


1. Measure out the length of the cardboard container on the white construction paper and cut paper so it will be long enough to wrap around the cardboard container.
2. Tape paper to the container.
3. Decorate white paper with a ghostly face cutting out black eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and gluing them on the white paper.
4. Cut strips 1” to 2” in width from a white trash bag to any length desired.
5. Tape one end from each strip to the open end of the container along the walls.

Milk Jug Pumpkin

Gallon Milk Jug, Orange Paint, Glue, Black Permanent Marker or Construction Paper, Paint Brush


1. Mix orange paint and glue together (about 1/4 cup glue to one cup of paint). This helps the paint stick to the container without any peeling.
2. Paint the entire milk jug orange and let dry. Apply another coat of paint after first coat dries for a darker coat.
3. After paint has fully dried you can decorate the milk jug with a pumpkin face using either a black permanent marker or cutting out pumpkin face pieces from black construction paper and gluing them on the jug.
4. As an added effect, you can place a large flashlight behind the jug to shine through. Or place a smaller flashlight that stays lit inside the jug.

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