Friday, October 9, 2009

Eco Costumes

Half the fun of Halloween used to be creating our Halloween Costumes. But today kids-of-any-age can be anything imaginable at the drop of a $30. And anything remotely eco-friendly about costumes went out the window with those dress-up-trunks.

Most store-bought costumes are made from all manner of earth-unfriendly materials, staring with man-made, petroleum-based fabrics and chemical dyes. Give new meaning to green goblin this Halloween.

Create a costume from almost anything get crafty with eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, wool and silk. Major fabric store chains are getting with the green program, carrying more earth-conscious fabrics in their stores and online.

Share, trade, hand down and bequeath those trendy or home made costumes

Schedule a “trading party” and invite friends and neighbors to bring last year’s costumes to exchange — plus bridesmaid’s and prom dresses that are gathering dust. And check local consignment stores, thrift shops and garage sales.

Rent a costume or buy local

Find a store in your area that rents or sells costumes for special events. Whether you’re renting or buying an entire costume or just part of a costume, check labels and try to avoid synthetic and petroleum-based materials like polyester, nylon and PVC.

A few Eco-Friendly Costume Ideas
•Compact fluorescent light bulb. Start your costume by donning a tight, white turtleneck and slim white pants or tights. Then inflate a dozen or so long, white balloons, tie them end to end, and wrap them around you from chest to hips for that unique, spiral-bound light bulb look.

•Mother Nature
A classic look that can be achieved in a variety of ways: swirly broom skirt with peasant blouse, sea-blue and grass-green sweater and tights, or even an Earth globe sandwich board. Dress up the look with a floral head-wreath; flowers.

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