Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Decorating Ideas....

Original and Natural: A collection of gourds and pumpkins compliment a bale of hay or some corn stalks on your front porch. All are compostable and the hay and corn stalks will make a great cover for flower beds after the fall holidays pass. Stuffing a Scarecrow made with some old clothes with a pumpkin for a head. If you leave your pumpkins uncarved, you can pull off this look through Thanksgiving.

Recycled egg cartons and cans can make bats, spiders (paint the cups black, push black pipe cleaners through the “bodies” and add some red-painted eyes for spooky spiders!) and pumpkin votives.

This year, you can purchase anything from a Solar Powered Pumpkin Accent Lights to a Solar Powered Corpse Zombie. For great Solar Decorations check out

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