Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eco-Friendly Gift

Give a charity or environmentally friendly gift:

Sponsor an animal or give a membership to a charity or environmental organization for Christmas.

One Example you can Donate to WWF and let your friend or family choose their own thank you gift with a Gift Adoption card!* They get to pick from 100 different species! Your donation supports WWF's conservation efforts worldwide. You'll be helping fund scientific investigations, habitat preservation, and other programs to preserve many of the most endangered animals on Earth. And you'll be introducing your friend or family member to this important work. It's easy and fun to use! Your friend will get to browse through their mini catalog of animals before going online to choose.

With a little planning anyone can give presents that are thoughtful, original and make a difference to the environment too.

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  1. Charity Gift Cards ( are another great way to introduce kids to environmental causes, the charities that address them, and the whole idea of giving to support something you're excited about. These cards are just like gift cards you're familiar with, except the recipient "spends" the card on one of the 250 charities (many environmentally-focused, animal-focused, etc.) on the TisBest Philanthropy website. Choose from their standard images (they're beautiful) or upload your own to make a custom card. E-mail the card, print it yourself, or have them make a recycled plastic card. They're awesome!