Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Holiday's!!!!!

We are always talking about ways to be Eco-Friendly and ways to give back. We will be giving you tips on both through the rest of the month, but we will also let you know about all the ways we are doing the same.

Holiday Lights:

LED light strings are safer and more energy efficient than incandescent light strings. 25 LED bulbs uses 80 percent less electricity than a comparable incandescent light string would use, and these bulbs are rated to last for 200,000 hours. LED bulbs will remain cool to the touch, and are made of faceted plastic, which is less likely to break than glass. The strings are weather resistant for use indoors or out, and up to three strings may be connected together.

You can also find many other LED items:

LED Candles

LED Snowflakes

LED Rope Lights

and much much more including the picture above we have one in our front yard.........

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