Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year Resolutions???????????

We want to hear all about your New Year Resolutions, please email us about all your plans for the New Year...........We are making a list of simple Eco-Friendly Ideas that we will be posting tomorrow. Starting off the New Year with an New Carbon Foot Print.

New year, new resolution to adopt a greener lifestyle to save the planet.

There are many ways to help..

1. We need measurable targets. There's a very useful tool on-line to measure our carbon footprint with calculator. You can measure your footprint from 2009 and set a goal to cut down 10% of your carbon footprint in 2010.

2. We can forget 2009 and only focus on 2010.

The main thing to remember no matter how small all things add up to greatness!!!

Let's Make 2010 A Year To Remember!!!!

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