Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's Help Haiti..............

Earth-Kidz is asking Everyone to pull together and donate what ever they can to the Haiti Relief Efforts. Being Eco-Friendly means helping everyone on Earth when tragedy or devastation strikes.

We are posting a few Trust Worthy Organizations. Remember it does not have to be a lot Everything Adds Up. My brothers and I have raided our piggy banks and come up with $20.00 together that we are donating it to • Giving Children Hope: Giving Children Hope is talking with partners in Haiti, determining the greatest needs of the earthquake victims.

This tragedy hits close to home for us as we have a good friend from Haiti and most of his family is still there.

Other Charities:

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is currently mobilizing personnel and supplies to assist in the relief effort in Haiti, following the severe earthquake that struck Tuesday. The Salvation Army has already dedicated $50,000 in direct aid to the country, and it is in need of additional donations.

Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity International is addressing shelter solutions for low-income families affected by the earthquake. Habitat’s ability to respond effectively to this disaster will require support from donors, volunteers, corporate partners and other community organizations.

American Red Cross: The American Red Cross has pledged an initial $200,000 to assist communities impacted by the earthquake in Haiti, and is prepared to take further action as local responders assess the situation.

There are many great Charities out there and Fox news has listed some that we can trust, it is important in times such as these to remember people are always looking for a way to take advantage and we must keep our guard up. For more charities check out,2933,582902,00.html

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