Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Favorite Doll of 2010..............

Lanie Holland, Girl of the Year 2010................

Lanie's story picks up on one of the strongest trends in toys -- getting kids moving and playing outdoors.

The blond-haired, hazel-eyed Lanie loves exploring nature and marvels at the wonders discovered in her own backyard, where she camps, watches the birds and observes the wonders of nature, such as a butterfly habitat.

Lanie, like all other Girl of the Year dolls, will retire at the end of her introduction year.

To motivate young girls to live their own backyard experience, American Girl is sponsoring Lanie's Backyard Photo Contest. Girls entering should photograph five items found in their backyard and submit them online or through the mail, along with completing the statement "I am inspired by nature when ..." To accommodate girls from various locations, American Girl has a list of items found in different regions that count as things found in the backyard. Entries must be received by March 15.

American Girl has partnered with the National Wildlife Foundation to educate young girls and better their appreciation for nature through a downloadable curriculum designed for third through fifth grades. The program includes activities and discussions. The curriculum and the rules for the contest are available at the Web site

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