Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day Tip # 7...Save Our Oceans............

Most of our planet is ocean. And our ocean is in big trouble. Jacques Cousteau, whose 100th birthday is celebrated in June, said that people protect what they love.

The best way to fall in love with the ocean is to see all the glory it has to offer.
If you can not make to the actual ocean then the next best way is to see Oceans in a theater, opening on Earth Day. Let the images of walrus love, the beautiful swimming blanket octopus, spider crab orgies of extraordinary magnitude, great white sharks, orcas, humpbacks, sea turtles and dugongs feeding and waves upon waves upon waves wash over you.

The Disney Oceans team spent years patiently waiting to film, in the ocean. Be part of the ocean revolution.

Ocean Facts:

1. The Earth has one big, connected ocean. The ocean covers over 70%of the Earth’s surface, surely making this a water planet.

2. The ocean affects every human life! It supplies freshwater (most rain comes from the ocean) and nearly all Earth’s oxygen.

3. The ocean influences our planet’s weather and climate and affects human health.

4. It is estimated that 13 million pounds of litter are put in the ocean each year.

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