Monday, May 17, 2010

World Ocean Day...June 8th

"Wear Blue and Tell Two" for World Oceans Day 2010

In 2009 The Ocean Project started an annual tradition associated with World Oceans Day. We launched "Wear Blue and Tell Two" as a new way of celebrating our world's ocean on June 8th.

The main idea behind "Wear Blue and Tell Two" is to have people associate the color blue with World Oceans Day each year. We also are interested in helping each person multiply their positive reach by telling friends or colleagues two interesting facts about the ocean or ways one can take take personal action to help.

We urge all our zoo, aquarium, and museum (ZAM) partners and other friends in the wider ocean conservation community to spread the word about Wear Blue and Tell Two as a fun and easy way to help make a difference!

    To make the "tell two" part a little easier, here are two messages you can share:

  • Our ocean has a great wealth of diverse kinds of life but it's in trouble. Climate change has already been linked to the killing of coral reefs. Coupled with destructive fishing practices, there is a dramatic decline in many types of fish and sea life we depend on.
  • There are important, easy actions each of us can take to help. Calculating our carbon footprints and looking for ways to reduce our role in climate change is a great step. Likewise, we can choose seafood that is abundant in supply and fished or farmed without harm to the ocean and coasts.

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