Friday, October 1, 2010

Tips for a Green Halloween..........

Halloween is coming up fast, and a lot of green-oriented Websites are doing their best to encourage eco-friendly celebrating this Oct. 31. We would like to join the ranks and provide our simple tips that anyone can use.

The best way to keep the plastic pumpkins and other plastic treat pails out of landfills is to not buy them in the first place. But if you already own plastic pumpkins, don’t throw them away. If your kids are not using them anymore for trick-or-treating, find an alternate use for them instead. Below are a few ideas of other things you can do with your plastic pumpkin or treat pail.

  • Use it as a candy dish or snack bowl for a Halloween party
  • Turn it into a planter or vase
  • Use it as your candy container to distribute candy when trick-or-treaters come to your door
  • Turn it into a decoration for your home or child’s room
  • Try to donate it to a children’s home or a women’s shelter
  • Make your own scare crow and use the pumpkin as the head
  • If you have a treat pail that is not a pumpkin (perhaps it’s your child’s favorite cartoon character) use the pail to store small toys or art supplies

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