Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas...........

Think Outside the Box

  1. Giving experiences, like a subscription to the opera, a tennis lesson, or dinner at a chic new restaurant are excellent alternatives to packaged material gifts.
  2. Transfer your gift-giving energy towards stocking your local food pantry.
  3. Donations to a favorite cause are always appreciated. If family members are so inclined, you might organize a Habitat for Humanity project—sometimes just being together is the best gift.
  4. Other outside the box gift ideas:
      1. Personalized coupons for a car wash or a movie night.
      2. Cooking lessons.
      3. Membership to a local museum or non-profit organization.
      4. Season tickets to a sporting event.
      5. Open a savings account or buy a stock for a kid in your family and teach him how it grows.
      6. A month of diaper service or babysitting for new parents.
      7. A yoga class or gym membership.
      8. Gift certificate for a facial, pedicure, or other spa service.
      9. Housecleaning for a month.
      10. Membership to a local food co-op or other group that will deliver locally grown fruits and vegetables.
      11. Herb garden.

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