Monday, December 13, 2010

National Cocoa Day!

When is this holiday celebrated?

National Cocoa Day is celebrated annually on December 13 every year!

This holiday celebrates all the uses of "Cocoa" but most information about this holiday relates it to the hot cocoa drink. So on National Cocoa Day make good use of that container of dry cocoa in your cabinet and make yourself a nice hot cup of homemade cocoa. I can just taste it now... that nice warm feeling of the drink, that nice thick layer of cream on top and that nice dust of cocoa on the top of the cream. Yummmm, pure heaven!

Now what about other things made with cocoa? Along with a hot cup of cocoa, I bet you would enjoy a big batch of warm cookies made with cocoa too! We have a great recipe and how-to-video to go along with it. This recipe also includes crushed potato chips in it! Wow! It's time to go cocoa all the way.

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