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The Green Standard
On Earth Day 2008, Disney rolled out a new program, the Green Standard, for employees and Cast Members. Aimed at reducing the company's operational impact on the environment, the Green Standard asks that every Cast Member and employee make simple environmentally minded changes in four key areas: workspace, meetings and events, travel and dining.

Green Workspace Standards
Key components of the Green Standard for the workplace:

  1. Don't Talk Trash, Recycle: Recycle cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, cell phones, electronics, electronic media (DVD, CD), landscape waste and construction debris.
  2. Reduce & Refill: Eliminate individual plastic water bottle use in backstage operations and offices.
  3. Double Up: Print and make copies using both sides of the page.
  4. Branch Out: Use a minimum of 30% recycled-content paper for everyday printing and copying.
  5. Take a Power Break: Turn off unnecessary lights.
  6. Be a Low-Rider. Minimize driving alone during work hours by using environmentally friendly options such as teleconference, videoconference, carpools and public transit.
Green Meetings and Events Standards
Green Standard expectations for meetings and events include:
  1. Venue: Request that the meeting or event venue complete and return an environmental assessment checklist in advance of planning.
  2. Education: Educate staff, exhibitors and attendees to ensure participation in environmental initiatives that are in place at the event or meeting.
  3. Communication: Avoid printing materials and disseminate information electronically via email or a designated website.
  4. Product: When promotional products are necessary, choose recycled-content or reusable options. As an attendee, accept only giveaways that you will use.
  5. Recycling: Provide highly visible recycling bins. As an attendee, look for opportunities to recycle.
  6. Food and Beverage: Request that food and beverages be served in bulk containers (e.g. condiments). Do not pre-pour beverages; offer pitchers or individual servings upon request.
Green Travel
Four Green Standard expectations help reduce environmental impact for business travel:
  1. Company Travel: Minimize business travel by conducting virtual meetings whenever possible.
  2. Ground Transportation: When commuting on business trips, choose one of the following alternatives:
    • Mass transit or shuttle-service
    • Carpool or shared taxi
    • Hybrid or low-emission rental or car service
  3. Lodging: Choose Disney-preferred lodging that is closest in proximity to your business destination.
  4. Hotel Room Practices: During your stay, turn off unnecessary lights, electronics, and air conditioning; reuse linens and towels; and recycle.
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