Thursday, May 5, 2011

Careful Planning...........

Careful planning is a key when trying to save money. We planned out our trip to visit many great places with little cost and travel expenses. We went to places that we had memberships, did you know joining local museums provides access to free or discounted museums. Having a family member over 62 travel with you that has a Parks Pass provides great places to visit for free.

We visited the Las Vegas Natural History Museum for $8.00 for six people.

The LIED Children Museum for $9.50 for six people

M&M World is free

MGM Lion Habitat for free

Fountains free

Volcano Eruption free

Pirate Show free

Caesars Fall of Atlantis free

Lake Mead

Hoover Dam

Plus many many more for free

Our car only moved once in 5 days and it was very brief.

Stay tuned for more updates.....

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