Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everything You Do is Right Day...................

When : Always March 16th

Did you know that March 16th is a holiday? Yes. It is Everything You Do Is Right Day. During this 24-hour period, you get to feel good about yourself regardless of what you do. Sound empowering? Here are a few ways for you to set this holiday off.

Wear a unique outfit.

Forget about fashion norms or faux pas' on Everything You Do Is Right Day. Instead, put on a pair of polka dot socks with striped pants. Mix purple with green. Let other people's opinion about you looks be their own and sport whatever is in your closet with pride.

Say "no" to someone.

Reattach your spine to your backbone and stop being a doormat - at least for a day.

Sneak in an afternoon nap.

Exhausted? On Everything You Do Is Right Day, take a twenty-minute nap. Sleep in your car on break. Curl up in bed at home. Use this holiday as a reason to get the kind of sleep you need to function and be happy.

Eat a piece of chocolate.
Stop worrying about your waistline and eat a piece of chocolate. Make good use of your time and devour the kind of chocolate you'd normally pass by. Since this holiday only happens once a year, you won't be any better or worse by eating something sweet. Then, afterward, do yourself a favor. Feel good about it. Eat with no regrets.

These are just a few ways to celebrate Everything You Do Is Right Day. By now, you probably figured out the main emphasis of this holiday is to help people feel freer. It's just one day in the year (besides your birthday) that you can indulge yourself and be yourself. Please remember to use common sense there are limits to what you can get away with.

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