Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elf Live is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oh My Gingerbread)

Elf Live is Fraboom’s Online Live Event where you and your kids talk to a real live Elf who will help you make a wishlist for Santa, play games, draw and share pictures, and get into the Christmas spirit! All this Christmas fun and it doesn't cost a dime? What?! I know! See, now you’re excited, too, and you understand why we had to jump in early.
The best thing about Elf Live is that it is a fantastic place to be together. We at Fraboom are all about getting parents and kids together. Elf Live in particular is an easy way to get the conversation started to discuss what Christmas means to you, your kids, and how and why you celebrate as a family.
Check out Elf Live at the link below it is fun for all ages!!!

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