Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Simple Tips To Make Every Day Earth-Day.............

Save water: 

The average American household uses 400 gallons of water daily (source: Care2)! Time to fix leaking faucets, install a more efficient washer, and replace your old shower head with a lower-flow model. Taking your car to a car-wash that recycles its water will also cut down on water use.

Don’t Trash it, Recycle: 

Why toss out something that’s perfectly good? TryFreecycle or donate your used items that have plenty of life left. Many municipalities have recycling programs for old appliances, building materials, electronics, tires and more. And never pour oils or antifreeze down the drain or outside, where it can make its way into your water supply.


Composting is an easy ways to keep yard waste out of landfills, while getting nutrient-rich soil for use in home gardening projects. Like cars, compost bins range from fancy, pricier models to more bare-bones styles costing only a few dollars. 

Turn off the lights

As you exit a room, turn off the lights. This can reduce your energy consumption tremendously. Don’t just stop at your home, but take it to your office or child’s school. Many times companies keep lights on during the day, although an office may not be in use. Using energy-saving bulbs also conserves energy when you do need to use light. 

Donate old clothing and appliances

This is the season for spring cleaning. I usually have bags of clothes that my children have outgrown, toys they no longer play with and clothes that I no longer wear. Instead of tossing the items, donate them to a local church or organization for those less fortunate. Toy swaps are also a great way to avoid discarding older toys.  

Use reusable bags

When going to the supermarket try to always bring your own bags for your items. If you can carry your items in your hand, even better! Reusable bags can be used for just about anything. The summer is coming up and they are great to toss wet swim clothes into, library books and toys when going to the park or a play date with the kids. Allowing your kids to decorate and personalize the bag, will help to reinforce the green habit and create ownership. 

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