Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thank You

The smallest of gestures can have the greatest impacts..................

This is something I say all the time, today I was on the receiving end of this and it truly helped me more than anyone could ever realize. I was scared and alone when out of the blue that was no longer the case. People I barely know were there to help, encourage, and support me. The very small group of people I hold dear to me were there, some without physically being there. Sometimes we just need to let people know we are scared, alone, vulnerable and need comfort or words of support even if from afar. 

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Thank you To Everyone Who Supported Me Today!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cleaning Out That Closet.......

As the weather turns cooler and we begin to dig for all those warmer clothing items that may or may not fit, it is important to remember that many people are not as fortunate for a variety of reasons. Before you throw out that told sweater that is faded or those jeans you just do not like donate them. There are many ways to donate and many great organizations in your neighborhood. You might even have a friend  that needs some warmer clothing that is too proud to take them but you can leave them on their porch or have them clean out your closet with you and make it fun.

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Fall Eco Tips.............

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Green Your Costume. Many costumes sold in stores contain toxic chemicals like PVC and phthalates? Get creative by going handmade and upcycled. Host a pre-Halloween costume swap in your community, repurpose existing clothes, or fashion costumes from recycled materials.

Throw a Low or No-Waste Party. Instead of buying invitations use electronic invites. Recycle bottles and cans, and compost leftovers.

Head to the Farm. Enjoying fresh produce, hay rides and corn mazes at your local farm is a great way to celebrate Halloween and keep our dollars local.